Hawaiʻi Cannabis Awareness Conference

What Can I Expect as a Sponsor of the Hawaii Cannabis Awareness Conference?


Introductions and Professional Networking

On the night before the event we’re having a meetup on Hilo Bay called, “Hemp and Hops on the Bay“. You are the guest of honor as we introduce you to our oahana including our vendors, presenters and some VIPs that help make the conference epic. There will be light music, heavy pupus (healthy grinds). This is the place and time to network, do business and get to know us. As our guest of honor you will be introduced at the beginning of this event and again at the end of the night. You will be welcomed by all as a key part of our growing Cannabis industry. Our Cannabis Ambassadors will be making introductions and starting conversations all night. Think tropical, relaxed, casual meetup with friends. That’s what the night before feels like.

Now You’re Part of the Hawaii Cannabis Ohana

On the first morning of the event you will be introduced from the stage. Anyone at the meetup on the night before will be reminded of your name, your business and how to get in touch with you after the event. We make sure everyone knows you are now part of our ohana. We’ll take you around to each of the booths to introduce you personally to the business owners.

Patients Over Profits

On day two we’ll get you back up on stage to announce the Best Booth Contest winners and other special acknowledgements, more award winners and a vendor raffle. We may get you involved in the serving line as we hold our first annual, “Patient Pancake Benefit Breakfast” to benefit the Hawaii Patients Union. Your name and brand will be forever associated with helping patients in Hawaii. We have pledged 50% of the net proceeds from the event to the Hawaii Patients Union.

After the event we like to take our sponsors to dinner. During the dinner we share key event metrics, feedback and improvements we’ll be making and some of the awareness shifts we experienced during the conference. 

After the event is over, we’ll get back in touch with you to share the post-event survey data. We’re always available, always on and always ready to help.