Hawaiʻi Cannabis Awareness Conference

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Interested in Cannabis?

This event is for you. We are all learning and we are all helping each other learn. We’re learning about the plant, its medicine and how we can safely and effective help everyone benefit from its life-saving medicine. We’re learning about the health benefits of consuming Cannabis.

We’re learning the ways we can share and participate in the economic benefits of Cannabis medicine. From patients and medical professionals to farmers and small business owners we are all learning how to safely enjoy Cannabis. As a result we are living happier, healthier lives with Cannabis in our bodies and our communities.

We hope you will join us again this year to help create understanding of the health and business opportunities before us. Tell your friends.

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Early Bird March $10 pp 9 (Prices go up each month.)

Full Conference Including presentations, discussions, industry trade show. This pass good for General Admission to the Hilo Civic Center on the 15th and 16th.

Or Pay Later at Box Office on the Day of Event

Prices will be a little higher but you can still get into the event with a general admission ticket. 

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How it Works:

  1. Complete survey (5 minutes)
  2. Confirm email. 
  3. Receive guest list confirmation email.
  4. Check in with ID at conference. 

Full Conference Including presentations, discussions, industry trade show. This pass good for 2 Days

Buy a VIP Pass

Access 4 Additional Events

Early Bird $129.00

Tuesday June 11th – 5:30pm

Bee Heroic and Green Collar Technologies present: In Plane Sight – Climate Engineering, 5G, and Agrochemical – Impacts on the Islands

Friday June 14th 5:00pm

Hemp and Hops on the Bay Special VIP Meetup with Presenters, Vendors & Sponsors

Saturday June 15th 9:00am

Keynote by Dr. James Berg, All Day Conference and then you will be our special guest at the Saturday night after-Party in Hilo at 9pm.

Sunday June 16th 8:00am

ALL DAY CONFERENCE filled with discussions on hemp and Cannabis cultivation and Industry panelists. 

Hawaii Cannabis Awareness Conference

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Hawaii Cannabis Open Expo 2017-2018

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