Hawaiʻi Cannabis Awareness Conference

Become a Presenter

You Know the Feeling.

Hawaii Cannabis Conference PresenterWhen the right information is shared with the right audience at exactly the right time. That “a-ha” moment of instant understanding and knowing.

Spirits are lifted, people feel connected, and awareness is raised. You feel a sense of accomplishment like you’ve done something meaningful and you know you’re in alignment. That feeling drives our efforts to get more presenters in front of more people that need help.

The goal of last year’s event was to open the hearts and minds of attendees. Mission accomplished. We reached patients in desperate need of information and help. We reached key decision makers capable of creating changes in policy and law. We reached the Cannabis curious who were introduced to the plant and the people power behind the movement to support patients in Hawaii. This year it gets better.

What does the word, “Awareness” mean in this year’s title?

It means we’re using open hearts and minds to shift Cannabis awareness. We know everyone is acting within their own level of awareness. We all want to be open to new ideas and learn more about Cannabis. We hope all attendees will experience an awareness shift. A shift in consciousness about the plant, the industry the growers, producers and everyone involved. We hope to see shifts in awareness about biology and technology. We hope to experience shifts in all areas of Cannabis healing, knowledge and awareness. Your presentation will create shifts in consciousness in the open hearts and minds of attendees at our event. Your presentations will guide attendees towards their highest and best understanding of Cannabis.

Presenting at the Hawaii Cannabis Awareness Conference

We’re flipping the presentation model at this year’s event. Instead of hour-long presentations with short Audience question and answer sessions, we’re doing 2-3 minute panelist introductions with a long discussion format. 

How Will it Work?

Presenters will gather on the main stage 5 minutes before the discussion begins. 

Moderator will provide any last minute instructions and will call on each presenter to make a quick introduction that includes the following;; 

  1. Name, Title and Company, 
  2. Cannabis related professional background including Your “why” you are here and why you do what you do, 
  3. Your responsibility within the medical Cannabis industry, 
  4. What you hope to achieve at this event and 
  5. How others can apply what they learn and what the takeaway should be for folks that were watching.

Questions will be asked in an alternating order so everyone gets to go first and everyone gets to go last.

What are the Discussion Topics?

  • Getting Started with Medical Hemp
    Saturday 10am
    Discussion will be provided for aspiring or practicing patients and anyone  interested in learning about the State of Hawaii Hemp Pilot Program. Come learn how to achieve maximum benefit from a patient license including growing, harvesting, possession, consumption and distribution within the rules, regulations and laws of Hawaii. Come learn if getting a license is right for you or your loved ones.
  • Improving Healthcare in Hawaii with Hemp and Cannabis 
    Saturday 1pm
    For Cannabis Curious, New Patients, Caregivers, Medical Professionals and anyone interested in patient healthcare. This topic will include hemp-derived CBD, THC and other medicinal compounds found in the Cannabis plant. Initial discussion will include the current status of available products for patients.

To help us prepare and promote your efforts at the event, we’ve built a form. We ask each of our presenters to complete this form so we can promote your class correctly. We use this information to help create understanding with everyone involved; attendees, sponsors, vendors, other presenters, volunteers and people we have yet to connect. Sharing your intentions allows us to accurately tell a developing story consistently.