Hawaiʻi Cannabis Awareness Conference

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Become a Volunteer Cannabis Ambassador

The Hawaiʻi Cannabis Awareness Conference brings everyone together with your help!

We need Volunteer Cannabis Ambassadors.

What are Cannabis Ambassadors? Hawaii Cannabis Awareness Conference are Cannabis are Patient-friendly. Ambassadors are compassionate and empathize with patients. Ambassadors understand the need to bring people together to raise our collective voices. Ambassadors understand the need for unity and support for patient needs. Become A Cannabis Ambassador
  • If you’re interested in meeting people and introducing them to others,
  • If you like to help people and share your knowledge,
  • If you want to learn more about Cannabis in Hawaii,
  • If you want to make a difference in the hearts and minds of attendees, please consider becoming an event Ambassador.
How to Become A Cannabis Ambassador
  • Submit an application. (bottom of page)
  • After submitting the form you will receive a volunteer agreement.
  • Bring your signed volunteer agreement with you to the event and submit it to registration/check-in desk.
  • Schedule your time with the volunteer coordinator. Get to the event early, stay late or come early and stay late. As long as we have your time scheduled it will work.
What we need at the event. If you’re assigned a specific role within your subject matter expertise, you will own that role. Presence and Interaction. Ambassadors will interact with all attendees at the event to raise the comfort level of persons in attendance. A special networking area will feature the presence of Cannabis Ambassadors. Your ability to connect people together with similar needs and interests will help raise awareness -together. “Aloha, is there anyone I can introduce you to?” “Have you met…?” should be familiar greetings heard at the event. Kindness and Communication. Ambassadors will relay valuable information (within their subject matter expertise) to attendees including insights into pending legislative efforts, education and training resources, names of certifying physicians and nurses, strain/condition matching and many other offerings and opportunities at the event. Ambassadors know the event. Knowing the times of presentations, the presenters, other onsite experts and Cannabis and Hemp supporters in attendance. Ambassadors are able to answer virtually any question about the event. It is your kuleana to ask questions of other Ambassadors to gain a solid understanding of the goals and opportunities leading up to and on the day of the event. For example, tradeshow exhibits, vendors, sponsors, ambassadors and other volunteers. We need Ambassadors to network with and between all attendees. Bringing people together to raise awareness is your primary role and should be shared with all attendees. Attendees will recognize Ambassadors by their ambassador name tags and we will strongly encourage all attendees to seek out Ambassadors for answers and event support. Your support outside the venue. As an Ambassador you’re welcome to join us Friday night before the event. You’ll likely get questions at this event and this will be a great time to get a feel for the attendees and stakeholders. On event day you are an Ambassador everywhere you go. Ambassadors help the general public find the venue and understand why their “attendance” and “supporting patients” is important to everyone eg; personal freedom, affordability, safety and the need to build a compassionate Cannabis culture and economy in the Aloha State. What we don’t need. Ambassadors will not share information beyond their subject-matter expertise or qualifications. In other words, medical and legal advice should be prefaced in conversation with, “I’m not a Doctor or Lawyer so I don’t provide medical or legal advice yet it is my understanding that…” in all conversations where attendees might confuse knowledge with a license or actual credentials. It is critical that we refer attendees to folks more qualified than us to answer medical or legal questions. What we provide. Gratitude, introductions and exposure for your startup. Your name will be mentioned multiple times during the event in gratitude for your support. If you have a startup or any business you would also like mentioned, please do so in the signup form. We’ll blast that out during the event too. Every volunteer gets a swag bag. We can’t promise it will make up for the time you give but you’ll get what many will not -because volunteers come first. Refreshments. We aren’t promising a free meal yet. But we will have some healthy snacks and at least water.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Can Presenters be Ambassadors?
Yes, multiple roles at the event are encouraged.

Are Ambassadors Paid?
No, being an Ambassador is a volunteer position.

How many Ambassadors will be at the event?

What’s the difference between a volunteer and an Ambassador?

  1. Ambassadors can attend the Friday night pre-event gathering.
  2. Ambassadors eat breakfast on Sunday morning for free.
  3. Ambassadors are generally working the venue longer and are encouraged to attend a presentation.
  4. Ambassadors choose their role. Volunteers are assigned roles at the event.
  5. A Volunteer may show up without applying to be an Ambassador. Volunteers are still welcome to help but Ambassadors get the best jobs at the event.
  6. Volunteers are asked to refer all questions about the event to Ambassadors.