Hawaiʻi Cannabis Awareness Conference

Let’s Talk Hemp!
Looking for Answers? The Healthy Hemp Emporium is for you!

Maybe you’re a little shy about asking but you need answers? 

You’re not alone.
You represent about 5% of our island’s population. Legislation is normalizing and Cannabis “Hemp” is now 100% legal and regulated. It is no longer on the DEA’s controlled substances list. You can rest easy knowing you’re not talking about anything illegal in the Healthy Hemp Emporium. So…

Let’s Talk Hemp!

From basic health information to growing hemp flowers rich in CBD you can get your unique questions answered. Cannabis Ambassadors will be available to help in the Healthy Hemp Emporium.

Hilo Civic Center Healthy Hemp Emporium
Let’s Talk Hemp in the Healthy Hemp Emporium on the Trade Show Floor.

Maybe you have a lot of questions? Or a wide range of questions? Help is here and we’re patient. From health and medicine to growing and production, we get it, you need answers. So we’ve brought together some experts with a wide range of knowledge.

Cannabis Ambassadors in the Healthy Hemp Emporium can also help you find the products and services you may need on the trade show floor. 

Some Cannabis Ambassadors are licensed professionals, subject matter experts, educators and others are patients with loads of Cannabis experience and know-how. Cannabis Ambassador will have special t-shirts that read, “Cannabis Ambassador”. Check the Healthy Hemp Emporium or ask any conference volunteer for assistance. 

Cannabis Ambassadors know the vendors and sponsors at the conference and can make recommendations for booths to visit where you can learn more.

Ask about patient licensing, health conditions, treatments, consumption methods, strains, CBD vs THC, growing, compliance, harvesting, processing and distribution.

We’ve created a very comfortable, relaxed atmosphere for you to learn more about hemp and CBD at the Hawaii Cannabis Awareness Conference. We’re all looking forward See you at the Hilo Civic Center on Saturday June 15th and Sunday June 16th.