Hawaiʻi Cannabis Awareness Conference

Media Pass

Media Press PassAloha media pros, thank you for your coverage of our event.

We appreciate the fact that you are present and witnessing the expansion of awareness in our community to the healthy benefits of Cannabis medicine. We hope you will consider the impacts our event has on the minds and hearts of those most capable of serving patients in Hawaii. From medical professionals to legislators and policy decision makers our events bring everything together to create more understanding and awareness for patients first.

How do I obtain press credentials if I do not work for the event or if I am a freelancer?

Event specific press credentials are provided by the Hawaii Cannabis Organization. We invite members of the public that may have no affiliation with Cannabis or the industry and as such not everyone attending our events are comfortable being photographed at our events. There are additional privacy concerns when an event has a large number of licensed patients. Our policy is designed to help us stay within our insurer’s requirements, federal HIPAA guidelines, our patient community wishes and the need to protect your first amendment rights.

It is important and necessary for you get a media pass to access areas inside the venue. We also want our volunteers and ambassadors to easily recognize you at the event. Access to others areas of the venue may also be controlled by the event organizers. If you are shooting the event on assignment for a publication, the assigning editor may be required to request the credentials on your behalf.

We create value for media professionals by providing special and often exclusive access to our event participants as allowed through special agreements signed with the event organizers. We want you to be part of the “creation of understanding” and avoid confusion or confusing statements to the public concerning the law and the practice of medicine. It will be your burden to show that you are actually covering the event as a member of the media and not just looking for a free ticket or better access than the general public.

If you do not meet the requirements to obtain a press credential, you may be required to pay an admission fee to enter the event if you wish to attend.

Please note that purchasing a ticket is for admission purposes only and does not grant any rights to video, record, photograph and may be subject to other restrictions. Never assume that because you have purchased a ticket to our event that you may also photograph or record the event/performance. Also be aware that event press credentials may also contain certain restrictions. It is extremely important to read any agreements before signing them. By accepting press credentials you may be waiving certain rights, including the copyright to your images.