Hawaiʻi Cannabis Awareness Conference

Growing Cannabis and Hemp "For Love, Life and Profit"

Growing Cannabis in Hawaii for Love, Life and ProfitThose who love the plant are in small and large communities and found in every part of the planet. In fact, some love the plant for its ability to save the planet. Come listen and ask questions as panelist share their Cannabis plant wisdom for helping this plant thrive for everyone.

Whether you love the plant for the love it gives or just because you love growing or consuming it’s flowers, this discussion is for you. You may rely on the plant for your health, well being and your life and this discussion is for you. You may love the plant, rely on its healing properties and want to make money from the Cannabis industry big or small and this discussion would be for you.

What happens when we get medical and industry professionals together with genetics experts? In a word, “variety!” This will be among the most interesting and exciting panel discussions at the event. To really make this a success we need your input. We need you to ask the questions that cause the elevated discussion to get to the next level.