Hawaiʻi Cannabis Awareness Conference

Dr. James Berg Delivers “A People’s History of Medical Cannabis in Hawaii”

A People’s History of Medical Cannabis in Hawaii

James Berg MD - Greener Healing Ways - Keynote Speaker at the 2019 Hawaii Cannabis Awareness ConferenceThe evolution of medical cannabis has been a battle between freedom and control. Dr. Berg details how the Hawaii Medical Cannabis law has affected the medical patients. The law has changed over the past twenty years, sometimes getting stricter, sometimes gaining greater freedoms, never fully respecting the needs and rights of the patients. Dr. Berg relates personal stories about his patient’s experiences has they tolerated the abuses and enjoyed the freedoms. The talk concludes with Dr. Berg’s insights into where the politics and science of cannabis medicine is heading.

This is a must-attend keynote speech. Join your friends and colleagues as we set a course for medical Cannabis understanding and awareness for years to come.